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A Jazzy Lady

Welcome to my Website!
Donna "A Jazzy Lady"
Donna, "A Jazzy Lady"

Donna Plummer,
flutist and artist. 

Donna loves music and playing her flute (she prefers to be called a flautist), especially jazz and gospel. She also plays the alto flute, which is a larger version of the "C" flute, and it is tuned in the key of "G."  

Donna is available to play for your special event as a soloist, or with other musicians.  Donna will travel to play for you anywhere in the Atlanta Area.

Music Samples.

Donna is also an artist. She draws realistic looking portraits, and paints abstracts with oils. Donna marbles paper and fabric. She does shibori, and tye-dye on cotton and various silk fabrics. She makes one of a kind contemporary pieces for the home, such as room screens, floorcloths, pillows, and silk wall tapestries.

If you are interested in having a musical performance, or need artwork, Contact Donna for more information at:


I really admire...
Hubert Laws, THE GrandMaster Flutist of ALL Flutists
Dave Valentine, Hot, Spicy, Speedy and Tasty Flutist
Nestor Torres, Crazy Flute Man Flutist
Jean Pierre Rampal, Master of the Classical and Jazz Flutists
James Galway, How does he play like that??? Flutist
Greg Patillo, Getcha' Groove Going Flutist


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